The year 1907 had become a very important year in the history of social life of Surat. In this year two famous social workers namely Smt. Bajigauriben Munshi and Smt. Shivgauriben Gajjar who became widows at a very young age worked devotedly and actively for the welfare of helpless, widows, divorcee etc. So that they could live independently and with self-respect. On an auspicious day of 15th May, 1907 an ashram namely ‘Vanita Vishram’ was established for them. In this way the foundation of Vanita Vishram was laid.

In 19th Century, the condition of the widows was pitiable. They were considered inauspicious in the society. Seeing the condition of these women, their heart was deeply pained. Hence, they established ‘Vanita Vishram’ to impart education and make their life meaningful. During those days only two ladies entered in the institution of whom Parvatiben Desai’s father ignored the grumbling of the society and got her admitted on 1-10-1907. The other lady who was admitted, was of the same name, thus an institution started with only four persons.

Today ‘Vanita Vishram’ in Surat has grown into a huge tree from small seed and has fortunately become an institution imparting girls education from Pre- Primary to University level. On completion of 111 glorious years of establishing Vanita Vishram, in May 2018 the building was decorated with lights. The idol of two founder ladies – Smt. Bajigauriben Munshi and Smt. Shivgauriben Gajjar was respectfully unveiled near the main office in Vanita Vishram Campus. The event was celebrated with a get-together memorizing pat history, Medical health check up of all the staff members and ended with a cultural programme.

From the day of establishment of Vanita Vishram, the woman who served and sacrificed her life for the institution, Smt. Parvatiben Desai’s name was given to the Pre-Primary and Bal – Vihar, established in 1977.

The school for girls founded in 1977, is conducted by Vanita Vishram, Surat.

The medium of instruction is English.

The school’s aim is to prepare pupil’s intellectual, physical as well as the spiritual aspects of life. With this object, the school expects a high standard in mind, body and spirit from each pupil seeking admission.


In the beginning there were only two classes for Nursery – one for English Medium and one for Gujarati Medium.

In the 1st year, there were twenty seven students. Thereafter as the years passed, the classes were increased. Till date nearly 14,200 students have taken the advantage to gain education in Smt. Parvatiben Desai Vidyakunj, Pre-Primary Section, English Medium.

In the year 1986, the name – ‘Smt. Parvatiben Desai Vidyakunj’ was given to the school.

The school is working in two shifts. English Medium is run in the morning shift, while Gujarati Medium is run in the afternoon shift. Different teachers are there for both the mediums.

Our Objectives:

  • To encourage all round development of the child’s physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual ability.
  • To provide LRE- Least Restricted Environment for the students to play and learn.
  • To provide Opportunities according to the student’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Grooming kids to master their skills with a great deal of hands – on practice.
  • To increase students participation in education process through AVKT learning styles (Audio, Visual, Kinesthetic and Tactile).
  • Preparing students to live self-disciplined life with moral values. Earlier, Pre-Primary and Primary schools were run in the same building. In the year 1999, a new building was built especially for pre-primary school.
  • In 2014, pre-primary section was shifted in the old building.
  • In 2015, the building was given a new look.
  • Every child is a different kind of flowers. All together they make a beautiful garden and therefore we are re-starting new Nursery Classes in 2020. Where a child can play, learn and grow together.


  • Green Campus
  • Cool Environment
  • Well ventilated classrooms
  • Play-area for students
  • Outdoor and Indoor play
  • Library with Picture books
  • Interactive Boards with Projector
  • Pure drinking water

Co-Curricular Activities

  • Festival Celebration
  • Days Celebration
  • Competitions
  • Inter school participation
  • Picnic
  • Educational Trip
  • Annual Function
  • Summer Camp


  • Montessori Method of teaching through Multi Sensory education.
  • Knowledge with fun through E-Education.
  • Storytelling and Dramatization.
  • Games and Sports.
  • Motor activities.
  • Drawing and craft.
  • Singing Rhymes.
  • Practicing Language and Math Concepts.
  • Learning alphabets and numbers with Sand paper, spindle box, abacus and Flash cards, Educational CD and books.